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Critical IT Support Services


Managed Anti-Virus | Anti-Spam

Email phishing remains the number one attack vector for hackers. Of course, executive and employee awareness id the best defense, but hwy not stop the threat before it finds its way into your network, and into their mailboxes. A comprehensive, managed anti-virus/anti-spam solution can do just that.


Cloud Backup

Critical, confidential data requires cloud backup. On-site backups won’t do in disaster recovery scenarios. And off-site transport can be risky. Our cloud data backup is highly secure, highly reliable, and compliant. Contact our Critical Cloud Team today; to discuss your data backup needs.


Global Support

Let’s face it. Downtime can really cost you. Don’t let your tech bring your company to its knees. Our Critical Cloud Team stands ready to assist, from simple sys-admin tasks, to recovery and redesign, or redeployment. You can count on us to be there, every business day, to keep your business online.


Private | Secure Data Center

Is your data too critical or sensitive for the public cloud, but grown too costly to manage on-site? Then our boutique data center may be the solution you need. Our Critical Cloud Team manages its own data center. It is fully secure and reliable, as well as fully PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant. Don’t take chances with you critical data, or your client’s confidential information. Contact us to learn more.