TommyHeld - A Creative Life


I am so glad you stopped by to visit. Feel free to browse through all of my creative work. I have collected and organized all of this work under the following sections.

MUSIC - here you can find recordings of many of my songs, as well as instrumental work that I have done for film, video, or the web.

VISUALS - you can find all visual materials here, including my photos, photos of myself done by others, and music/live videos as well.

WRITINGS - my writings, including my lyrics, poetry, quotes, and other writings.

LIFE - lastly, there are some lifestyle items I have included, from my travels to my health habits and personal recipes.

You may look, listen, and read for as long as you like and payment links have been provided if you wish to download any of my work. Special pricing is also included if you wish to use any of my work in your project(s). I hope you enjoy your experience here and you will stop by again soon. Peace to ya always.